Joseph Dispensing Opticians Malta DSE / VDU ASSESMENTS

  1. DSE are devices that have an alphanumeric or graphic display screen and includes display screens, laptops, touch screens and other similar devices.

    Why are DSE assessments necessary?

    - Employees will be more productive if their vision is checked on a regular basis.

    - Working regularly with the computer, strains your eyes.

    - When a person is using the computer for long hours, this can lead to tired eyes, dryness, redness and feeling of eyestrains.

    - DSE assessments will confirm the state of an employee’s eyesight and what needs to be done.

    What happens during a DSE assessment?

    - The company provides a reasonable sized room.

    Our resident Optometrist Joseph Grech takes roughly 10 minutes to carry out an eye a DSE assessment for each employee covering:

    - Compatibility for working with VDU.

    - Muscle balance.

    - Colour vision.

    - Binocular balancing.

    - Stereopsis

    - Ergonomic issues

    Finally the Optometrist sends a full report to the company.

    Benefits to the employee

    - Prescription by the employees that the employer is providing additional staff benefit.

    - Users feel that the eyes have been well tested.

    - During the test, the employee is being tested for colour vision, muscle balance, binoculars balancing and stereopsis.

    - These tests are sensitive to small vision defects.

    - Provides each employer with their personal copy of the results and recommendations. This enables the employee to understand to understand the reported problems associated with the display screen work.

    - Tests in a real environment.